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LED Flashlight Knowledge: 4 LED Flashlight Spotlight

1: a condenser lens: through the lens the light is strictly optical design brings together

Features: small size, together is better, but with limited scope, only for led small divergence angle is large and luminous core.

2: reflector Spotlight: using the light through the lens optical design to be focused

Can be divided into smooth Cup and orange peel Cup, smooth Cup of concentrated better scatter less light, but spot poor, uneven; orange cup Spotlight have a worse effect than the same type of smooth glass, more light, but spots better than smooth Cup, than the average.

Features: free design of reflective cup size, but larger, deeper light Cup, concentrating better, worse flood light.

3:led is concentrated:

Generally used for low-power led

Features: no need to design optical alone led their own optical design spotlight, spotlight effect

4: other convergence:

Such as fiber, less during the pointer is on modes of convergence