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LED Bike Light Poor Security

Bicycle lights are lamps that are mounted on a bicycle for night riding. Riding a friend with a flashlight plus a combination of such a combination to play as night riding equipment, the biggest advantage is the economy portable, the disadvantage is narrow, narrow blind, short life, poor security. For professional riding friends, they are equipped with professional bicycle lights, this type of bicycle lights with a long life, floodlight long-range both, waterproof and sweat, carry the high impact of high security index, but its expensive cost Also let ordinary riders embarrassed.

Bicycle lights can be divided into two types of self-generating and battery-powered bicycle lights, and since the power generation can be divided into tire friction power generation and flower drum built-in hair

Motor power generation two types; battery-powered bicycle lights can be divided into battery and lamp separation and battery and lamp integrated. Self-generating bicycle lights are also subject to friction because they are not required to turn on the lights, which is unacceptable for demanding riders, so the more commonly used battery-powered bike lights.

Bicycle lights can be divided into front lights, rear warning taillights and wind and fire wheel (also known as wheel lights).

Bicycle wind and fire wheel, generally installed in the bike shaft and spoke above, because in the process of riding a gorgeous colorful patterns, text, animation, pictures and other effects, similar to the usher wind wheel, it is known as the bike Wheel, or bike Ferris wheel. Bicycle Wind Wheel [1] According to the display effect, divided into four types.

The first is the gas nozzle, is directly screwed in the tire gas mouth, length 5-10cm, in the ride

 The process shows a circle or a few laps of color lights,

This is the first to appear, but also the most used a fire wheel. The second is a 16LED single light bar, directly tied to the bicycle above the bar, during the ride can display a variety of patterns, the disadvantage is the need for more than 30km / h ride speed to see the pattern.

The third is 36 lights 32 Figure double light double-sided display, 10-15km / h or so, most people's normal speed on it.

The fourth is 48 lights 48 Figure DIY programming wind and fire wheel, the user can write their own name, or painted like comics, graffiti, etc., 10-15km / h out of the map.

The fifth is 128 lights colorful programming wind and fire wheel, you can display a variety of cartoon characters and text, 10-15km / h out of the map.

The sixth is a full color version of the wind and fire wheel, is now on the market show the best bike wind wheel, 5-10km / h map. Of course, expensive.

In addition, the bike wind wheel is also divided into programmable DIY version and fixed pattern two.

1, programmable DIY version, the user can be your favorite pictures or text downloaded to the wind wheel, so that the wheel more personalized.

2, fixed pattern version, the fire wheel inside the pattern is fixed, according to a certain law cycle display, the user can not be changed.