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How To Choose The Right Outdoor Flashlight

1. Trekking/hiking do not need high brightness, because of the longer time, you can choose light flashlight, but to have a longer battery life.

In the General case, flashlight moderate demands of concentrating and floodlights.

But leaders still need high brightness laser pointer, and have a certain range, and exploring the terrain easier.

2. Camping light be good, low demand for brightness, but you need to select the flashlight battery life longer, best lighting over the whole night in a row, this pointer has advantages in terms of convenience and cost.

3. Night ride as fast, so you need very good brightness, and also have higher requirements for battery life, it would be 4 hours of continuous lighting.

Flood light for night riding is important, condenser part is not too together.

Night Rider weight not too sensitive, so in order to meet performance requirements, it may be appropriate to select a larger flashlight, than whether the reins of its Corporation and whether to clamp.

Friendly reminder: night rider, must choose not to jump the pointer, select single document does not otherwise rather dimming flashlight.