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Characteristics of LED lights

Edit: Shenzhen Trustfire Technology Co.,Ltd  Date: Apr 19, 2016

1. White, 5000-10000K color temperature warm white and natural white color temperature 2600-3700K, color temperature 3700-5000K colors, red, green, blue, and yellow. Model: XRE,XRC,XPE,XPC,MCE series

2. luminous flux of up to 114LM/W.

3. the normal working current: 350mA-700mA,700mA luminous flux is 350mA of 1.65 times, maximum support 1000mA4. typical voltage 3.2V (350Ma), 3.5V (700mA) 5. CLASSII,>2000V6. a typical angle of 90 °, 110 °, 115 ° 7.1000 hour light attenuation is less than 0.5% (350mA,Ta=25 degrees) light attenuation is less than 85,000 hours 30% (350mA,Ta=25,)

4. scope of application: LED lighting, automotive lighting, stage lighting, cell phone backlight, architectural lighting, solar lights, military flashlights;