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Bike lights can be divided into two

A self-type: this type of lamp is seen by everyone with a flat tire friction power class, the headlight power because the tires wear large, has basically been eliminated. Also has a is drum built-in has generator, through wheels and front axle of relative turned issued power for headlights using, this generator of reliability high, in some Japan bike in the often can see they of figure, but because moments are in power, regardless of day night are has also of resistance, this resistance in General of application in the, not is big; but for requirements demanding of riding friends for, in not requirements open lamp of occasions also need bear this resistance is not accept of, so car friends rare used this design of.

B: battery type: as the name suggests, this lamp is battery-powered lighting. These lights because they do not need to be provided at the expense of kinetic energy in the form of electricity, and the total weight is very light, widely used in off-road riding and during the long ride.